Active Directory

Is the directory service of part of the Windows operating system. It provides central authentication and authorization services for Windows-based computers and connects various network directories.

File server auditing

Monitoring and auditing a file server and keeping track of file operations such as creation, deletion, copy-paste, or modification. This is necessary to demonstrate compliance with IT regulatory laws and to capture a user’s file access timings.

File virtualization

Refers to the creation of an abstract layer between file servers and clients that access those file servers.


Is an intelligent network node whose hardware and software is designed to provide file services to client computers.

Identity and access management

Identity and access management or IAM deals with creating and managing digital identities for users so that they can identify themselves to a system and gain access to its services or tools.

Password Synchronization

Is the method by which a user synchronizes the passwords of several devices and applications. This almost eliminates the posiibility of forgetting one’s password.

Role-based access control

Is an access provisioning technique, where users get access according to their the role and job functions.