It is a network entity that connects protocol-independent workgroups that may use similar or dissimilar protocols. It tracks source hardware addresses that enable the workgroups decide whether a packet can pass through the bridge. Bridges are faster, but are less versatile.


Fabric port or F_Port within a fibre channel fabric is a switch used to connect an N_Port to a switch. F_Ports are intermediate ports in virtual point-to-point links between end ports and can only be attached to N_Ports.

File virtualization

Refers to the creation of an abstract layer between file servers and clients that access those file servers.


File transfer protocol or FTP allows you to transfer files between two computers on the Internet.

IP address management

Internet protocol address management or IPAM is the means of planning, tracking, and managing the Internet protocol address space used in a network. The IPAM tool periodically scans a subnet and provides the availability status of IP addresses in that subnet.


Local area network or LAN is a group of computers or network devices connected together within the same building. Typically, LANs are created with either Ethernet or WiFi connections and are wholly owned by a single person, group, or company.

Network attached storage

Network attached storage or NAS is the file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network to provide data access to heterogeneous clients.

Network discovery

Is the process that administrators use to find/track down the devices present in a network. This helps gather information about the functional state of devices connected to the network. Network discovery tools help administrators manage very large and complex networks.

Network mapping

Is the process of making a visual representation of network devices and their interconnections. It can also be referred as the study of the physical connectivity of networks. Network maps help administrators spot network hitches, drill down to the problematic device/link, and start the remediation process.