Network monitoring

Is the process of constantly monitoring the computer networks and alerting the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) in case of any network outages. The network monitoring tool also helps to identify faulty network devices and critical security issues.

Network scanning

Refers to the process of examining the entire network for proper functioning of devices connected to it. It serves to uphold both the security and performance of a network. Network scanning may be employed from outside of any network to identify potential network vulnerabilities.

Network topology

Refers to how various network components are arranged. Network topology varies between networks based on its use. It can be of either physical or logical. The way in which different nodes/links communicate with each other is determined by the topology of the network.

Server management

Is the process of managing the performance of a large number of network servers. Choosing the right server management tool will certainly increase productivity and impact business performance postively.


Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP is a TCP/IP protocol that used to manage devices on the network. SNMP is generally used to monitor and map network availability, performance, and faults.

VMware ESX

Is an enterprise-level product developed by VMware Inc, to be used for server virtualization. It allows administrators to run complex virtual environments without the need for an operating system on the physical machine. It’s used for managing and enhancing the reliability of a virtual network environment.