Corporate Owned Personally Enabled is the option for employees to choose organization-owned devices.

Data replication

Refers to the maintenance of a secondary copy of data at a remote site, away from the primary volume to provide high availability and redundancy.

Data shredding

Is the process of deleting data so that it cannot be recovered.

Data Storage as a Service (DaaS)

Data Storage as a Service or Daas is a business model in which a large company rents its storage infrastructure to a smaller company or individual.

Database activity monitoring(DAM)

Database activity monitoring or DAM is a database security technology used to observe database activity in near-real time and provide alerts about policy violations.

Desktop management

Involves the management of the entire desktop routine such as deploying patches, installing software applications, monitoring inventory, configuring policies, and troubleshooting.

Digital archive

Is a repository of digital information objects. Digital archives can be a sophisticated, multi-tiered storage system, or simply the drive c on a computer.

Disk array

Is a hardware element that contains a large group of hard disk drives (HDDs). It has an architecture that improves speed and increases data protection.